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Vicious Venom

VICIOUSVENOM – a lifestyle brand based in Hong Kong.

THE ELEMENTS COLLECTION is uniquely designed for the fashion conscious individual,
particularly for women. Traditional dry bags focus primarily on function and generally
have a rugged and sporty aesthetic. In fact, all existing dry bags on the market have a
very masculine design language – often chunky, a little rough around the edges,
rugged, sporty, utilitarian. Think: #mangear; or #guystuff.

Kelly, founder and designer of VICIOUSVENOM designed the line to fill a void in the
market after having the personal experience of being unable to find a waterproof bag
anywhere that suited her modern urban wardrobe. ‘’I grew up in rainy Vancouver and
now live in typhoon-y Hong Kong. Being an outdoors lover who often found myself
caught in a downpour whilst on a hike with my dog or on the motorbike, I desperately
needed a bag that could adapt to my active lifestyle but still allowed me to look stylish
as a fashion designer.”

THE ELEMENTS COLLECTION is literally the first dry bag collection that retain all the
practical functions of traditional dry bags but introduces an urban-chic outlook to add
style and sophistication to the genre.